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What is polylast flooring?

Polylast Flooring Is Our Specialty

Looking for horse mats for a stall? Are you sick of cleaning mats and using shavings? Well, we’ve got the best pick for you. It’s a flooring type that can make a big difference to your trailer, your horse, and your pocketbook. Polylast is the industry standard for champion horse trailers and caring horse owners. It is a revolutionary flooring solution that has expanded its applications across several fields.

Polylast flooring is the best pick if you require a safe, beautiful, and long-lasting flooring solution. It is the best choice for barn aisles, stalls, wash bays, trailers, and hot walkers.

There’re a plethora of reasons why our customers love this non-slip and antimicrobial flooring innovation. If you’re a cowboy who hates cleaning floors, Polylast rubber flooring is your answer. If you’re a gym enthusiast who needs flooring that may look fresh and awesome, Polylast rubber flooring works excellent.

Mixing Polylast Flooring
Installing Polylast Flooring In Place of Horse Mats

Where Can Polylast Flooring Be Installed?

Here’re some of the areas where we’ve already helped a number of our clients with their resilient flooring need with safe and modern surfacing:

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Polylast Flooring for Horse Trailers
Comfortable floors for

Horse trailers

Polylast flooring naturally provides lots of cushions to absorb sound vibrations during road travel.

Polylast Flooring For Gym Floors
Smell Resistant Floors For

Fitness Centers

Get an antimicrobial cushion that works perfectly for gyms when you install Polylast flooring. 

Polylast Flooring For Veterinarian Clinics
antimicrobial floors for

Veterinarian Clinics

Make sure that each and every animal is safe as well as your vets and their technicians

so you're wondering...

Why Choose To Install Polylast Flooring?


Durable &

Our customers love Polylast as it is durable and long-lasting. It can be firmly bonded to the trailer floor that further protects its bed from exposure to moisture and acid.


Slip-Resistant – Quality Flooring

Being an actual rubber product, it is slip-resistant and is ideal for long hauls. Due to its non-slip stature, there’s a reduced leg impact shock and concussion on horses hooves. Smoother transfer equals happier horses!


Comfortable and cleaner

If you want to avoid noise and vibration on the floor, you’re going to love Polylast. In terms of heat transfer, it works like magic. Because there's no heat or cold loss your horses and floor will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winters.


Simple Maintenance

The maintenance is never a hassle anymore. Just rinse it out and let it dry. The moisture will quickly drain through the porous material. We’ll provide holes in the supporting floor for efficient drainage. So, you never have to worry about the integrity of your trailer bed. Just forget the hefty bills of trailer bed repairs.

Horse Trailer and Truck

Color Options

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We are the official Arizona polylast dealer

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Dusty Pate

The Founder

Hi, I'm Dusty Pate

I’ve lived the cowboy lifestyle deep in the heart of Texas. I met my wife there and moved here to Prescott, AZ a number of years ago. One thing that I learned early on is that scooping poop is a part of life. The problem was after we scooped the poop out of our horse trailer, there was still a lingering smell that just wouldn’t go away. This also was true in our barns. I just knew that bacteria was festering and later on in life, I set out to find a solution. This led us to Polylast™ Systems. We are an official dealer of theirs because this product actually works! With the Microban® Antimicrobial Protection thread running through the mix, it kills the bacteria along with the smell. Polylast is also much more comfortable for horses to stand on than concrete or wood and doesn’t move like rubber mats do. With the infusion of antimicrobial in the Polylast, your trailer reduces the risk of bringing home unwanted microbes. 

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